Spring Cleaning or Khooneh Tekouni


Hello Loves,

Before I dive into the body of this post, here’s a dose of reality…becoming a homeowner has pulled me in many directions – it has lured me into Home Goods for just ONE more pillow, Target to check out Magnolia’s latest line and coming home with new salt and pepper shakers but of course forgetting toilet paper, my local Ace Hardware because I really, really wanted to see what’s new in the gardening section, to planning how often to have the grass cut, asking vendors I work with on the daily how often I need to do this and do that, squirreling away reserves for last minute expenses but most importantly, guided me in the direction of getting my you-know-what together.  With tax season behind us (for those that did not file an extension), I have now decided, after much procrastination, to sit down and get my finances in order. 

Spring is a time for new beginnings (awakenings), new blooms (love me some fleurs), the ever famous “Spring Cleaning” (sometimes takes a gust of Spring wind to push you into the right mindset to find the motivation) and consider this as my sound advice (NOTE: I am by no means a wise owl, more a baby bird warming up my wings to home ownership) – create yourself an immediate, short and long-term list of things you need to accomplish. It has really steered me in the right direction to make more rational decisions as of late.  Ok, ok, aside from the occasional steak dinner splurge…did someone say ribeye!?

I did learn recently that the term “Spring Cleaning” could possibly originate to Iranians who continue the practice of “khooneh tekouni”, which literally means “shaking the house” just before the Persian New Year.  Everything in the home is thoroughly cleaned, from the drapes to the furniture.  I know you all can relate to that feeling of accomplishment, cleansing and letting go after some good old-fashioned Spring Cleaning, am I right? Thus, bringing one a sense of harmony.  There is an old Japanese term, simply called “Wa”, which translates to “harmony”.  I have discovered recently that merely by sitting at home, putting my phone on silent and going through finances, paperwork, clothes, the last remaining cardboard boxes, has brought me to feel the harmony, or that could very well be the homebody in me that I’ve come to love and really, really appreciate.

My other recent “awakening” has been to let go of the clutter. When I packed up for my move from California, I wanted to keep the things that really meant something and now that I’ve unpacked the majority of my boxes, there is quite a bit that I’m ready to let go of.  I admit, I do see a garage sale in my near future…am I becoming a minimalist, or am I realizing that tangible objects don’t hold as much sentiment and significance as photos, a phone call with family or friends back in California, the appreciation of having a roof over my head that is my little stake in the ground, having dinner with friends I’ve made here in Nashville, a visit with my dad and stepmom, snuggling with my dog, gardening, or having the weekends to consume myself with laughs, morning conversation and coffee with my boyfriend?  

In short and to recap, my advice is to let go of things that have an immediate need and focus more on the longer term.  Life is short and so is each season. I encourage you to do a little Khooneh Tekouni and find your Wa. 

Be cozy.  Stay home and save the money on that last minute splurge and just enjoy it.  You’ll be happy you did.  I speak (and write) from experience.


All my love, 




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