Spring Forward

IMG_1196“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”                             –  Laura Ingalls Wilder

♥ Happy Spring, Chickens!♥

I find it fitting that it’s a new season and what better time for a fresh reemergence to my blog? I’ve truly missed my weekly posts and sharing my world with all of you.  It has been a great year thus far and I hope the same for all of you! 

I don’t know about you all but I’ve been running around like a busy bee these past few winter months and now, here were are in the latter part of March, say what??  As previously mentioned in earlier posts, I had been working meticulously (speaking of busy bees) towards becoming a first-time homeowner…well, I am happy to report that as of February 12th, my wish came true and all thanks to the constant support, love and advice of family and good friends.  It’s the perfect COZY cottage and everyday I fall more in love with its imperfections, its 62 year old bones (albeit good bones) and how layer by layer, I’m making it my very own.  I looked at new builds and while the straight lines, brand new appliances, fixtures, etc. are idyllic, there’s just something about the charm and character of an old home that tells a story.  

After getting all of my ducks in a row, I unpacked the majority of my boxes (ok, ok, I admit I do have several unpacked boxes stored in my garage aka “the staging area” as I refer to it and still have bits and pieces at my dad/stepmom’s house THANK YOU BOTH), I thought to myself, “Where does one start in a new home”? The inner Martha Stewart/Joanna Gaines in me wanted to get my kitchen and dining room set up immediately.  So, that’s where I continue to focus on.  Even though I find myself perusing Pinterest on the daily looking at gardening, fences, pergolas, flower beds, DIY shutters, etc., the list goes on…and on…someone told me “Welcome to home-ownership, the world of endless projects”.  No complaints here.  I am soaking up every moment. 

Last weekend, I attended Vintage Market Days at the Nashville Fairgrounds with two of my girlfriends.  I was overwhelmed to say the least! There were so many vendors, booths and all things Spring! What are some of your favorite Spring decor ideas, flowers and recipes that you love? I am feeling inspired and just what is it about Spring, that brings new beginnings, almost as if one hits the “refresh” button?  

A friend of mine organized an upcoming brunch and I thought it would be perfect to host at my house, which is distracting me from home projects and now am going all out to make it the perfect setting for friends. So, stay tuned for recipes, DIY decor and Spring accents!  

I’m perusing my photos and previous events I’ve hosted for some inspiration (pics below if you’re also feeling inspired with the upcoming Easter Holiday).  Well, in true Spring form, I’m going to hop to it and get on with the day.  Have a beautiful week and I hope you all look forward to reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them!




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