A Warm Heart (and a holiday DIY)

Happy Sunday Loves!

It is with a warm heart that I write today’s post.  My mom and my most favorite aunt are here visiting me in Nashville. It has been a busy weekend of playing tour guide – from cozy conversation while sitting under the twinkling holiday lights at Opryland, to country back-road drives, to warm and buttery biscuits from Loveless Cafe, to introducing them to some friends I’ve made here.  What a whirlwind!

One of the hardest things I did was leave family and friends in California.  I have reflected on this every now and again and if I could have one wish, it would be to have all of them in one town.  While I know this is impossible, I realize that they are with me and have been all along…the endless amount of support that I carry with me, that constant drive and focus and the abundance of love.

There are some days I get into an especially creative spirit and find it therapeutic to craft or bake something fun!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, there is something purely magical about this time of year and there are many days that I like to spend cozy at home, perusing Pinterest, cookbooks, magazines for fun projects that I can create for family and friends.  I found an easy, thrifty and fun DIY for the upcoming holidays and thought I’d share with you.  Photos following.  You can get all of the supplies from Michael’s for under $20…use those coupons! They’re really cute tied onto a gift basket or present. I hope you enjoy!



Well, I am off to another fun day of adventures, so I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!



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