Fall Feels!

Happy Sunday Friends!

I am beyond thrilled to be writing my first post.  Fall is my most favorite time of the year – what is yours?  There is something about the light, the colors and of course, the coziness.

I have relocated from San Francisco to Nashville and working on buying my first home for me and my sweet German Shepherd rescue, Coco.  It is both scary and exciting! I find myself perusing Pinterest, Instagram home decor, and too many websites to name imagining how to make it a cozy and inviting place.

My family and friends know how much I love entertaining, planning dinner parties, cooking, baking, shopping local antique shops and DIYing (has Google made that a word yet)?  I am so looking forward to sharing my adventures with you all.  Last week, I took a quiet morning to walk around the Nashville Farmers’ Market and chatted up with one of the local vendors.  He told me they grow 88 varieties of pumpkins…88! Who knew?  I snapped this photo and hope it makes you soak in the Fall feels!

It’s a rainy day here in Nashville, I think it’s the perfect time to sign off and make a cup of tea.

IMG_2961 (2)

4 thoughts on “Fall Feels!

  1. Jenne

    Fuzzie I love this!! You were born to blog! I can’t wait to see what adventures you get into!! Love you so so much!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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